The Hague
Art at Site	Anish	Kapoor	The world can be dancing, ambiguous, upside down.


The world can be dancing, ambiguous, upside down.
Art made by Anish Kapoor can merit The Hague.
You can find this art in Chicago.

More explicit emotions

Besides humor (check the page Overview > Text) some artworks in The Hague have a lack of explicit emotions.

Bigger sizes would merit The Hague

Many artworks in The Hague are modest in size, expression of opinios and choice of material. In this sense The Hague could be inspired by the art in cities like Chicago, Milan, Paris and Shanghai (check their websites offered by ArtAtSite, see the page Details > ArtAtSite).

Creative forms

Another characteristic of the art in The Hague is ornamentallity. You can find many literal artwork. The use of creative forms, strange patterns and colors could merit The Hague.

Key-words of the projects in The Hague: explicit, big, creative, shapefull, emotional, surreal, absurd.

Six pieces of art are chosen from Chicago and Paris.

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